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Some guy displaying the poster as posters are commonly displayed on the internet.

We are thrilled to announce the completion of our most recent “supplementary materials” project. As you may (or may not) know, we have been steadily working on an output of non-musical materials over the course of the last few months, materials which enhance and complement the appreciation of the YACHT worldview. There was the Anthem of the Trinity mixtape, a concise compilation of conscious and subconscious musical influences. Then there came our book, The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights: A Handbook for Overcoming Humanity and Becoming Your Own God, a primer to our ideology that is available, at this point, only person-to-person at YACHT concerts. Now comes the YACHT Catalogue of Influences 2007-2009.

The YACHT Catalogue of Influences 2007-2009 is a massive, high-quality print poster overlaid with a subtle two-foot trompe-l’oeil varnish that archives, in totality, all of the non-musical influences which went into the primordial soup of our current philosophy and aesthetic. These run the gamut from Star Trek to Nikola Tesla, the Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, the “Sacred Mirror” paintings of Alex Grey, Aleister Crowley, Raoul Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday Life, the teachings of UNARIUS, the films of Pier Paolo Pasolini, and the Whole Earth Catalog — to mention but a few. All of the influences are meticulously catalogued, reproduced in full-color, and handily indexed.

The embossed and hand-numbered 2.3″ x 3′ spot-varnished poster is for sale now at the Marriage Records website and comes shipped in a heavy-duty triangular tube stamped with the YACHT insignia.


We are particularly attached to this project because it speaks volumes of our personal truth about what it means to make art in this age of hyper-connectivity: even while working in a void in Marfa, Texas, where we lived while making See Mystery Lights, the endless ephemera of creation filters through your consciousness until one morning you find yourself with a handful of crystallized ideas inspired directly by the work of those who came before you. Like Buckminster Fuller before us, we consider ourselves to be generalists. In this way, we save ourselves from obsolescence. A band, after all, is an evolutionary entity. It breathes and lives like a creature. And overspecialization, in the animal kingdom, is what causes extinction. The world is large and full of mystery, as well as more interesting and beautiful things than two people can ever fully absorb. This poster is a small slice of it, our gift to you.

Thank you to our good friends behind Veneer Magazine for their invaluable help conceptualizing, laying out, and printing this poster.