What Does Shangri-La Smell Like?

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What does Utopia sound like?
What does Utopia look like?
What does Utopia smell like?

Introducing Shangri-La, a limited-edition fragrance which completes the total sensory experience of YACHT.

Yes, we made a fragrance! This is not the perfume of a J. Lo or a Bieber, of a Duty Free Shop or infomercial; Shangri-La is closer to an anointing oil, hand-blended from all natural essential oils by Heather Sielaff of OLO, a cult fragrance line based in Portland, OR. We’d been fans of Heather’s work for some time&#8212her scent, Victory Wolf, is our favorite&#8212and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on something so far outside of our regular practice. The collaboration has resulted in a mystical serum, a bottle which leads the subconscious directly to Utopia…A place that exists solely in the mind, gently triggering the synapses just like a scent memory.

We’ve always been concerned with hyper-sensory physical spaces; live, we attempt to incite what we call “Temporary Autonomous Zones,” where audience members can feel free to completely release themselves. We make books, objects, songs, and ideas, all in the interest of creating a total feeling, a physical moment, for our audience. But this, making a smell, is the furthest step we’ve ever taken off the deep end of our quest towards total sensory immersion.

What does it smell like? Very good. It’s a brooding, unisex, smoky fragrance, combining romantic top notes of jasmine, vetiver, ylang yang, and hiba wood, with a base of hazy cade, sumac, peruvian balsam and siam wood. The result hovers in the air like a change in the weather, like flower offerings smashed recklessly on the ground in a temple on fire. It unfolds quietly, moving softly from the bright floral tones to its own dark underbelly. It’s for everyone.

Shangri-La is available in two sizes, a blue glass 5ml roll-top bottle and a 1ml vial which comes nestled in a white lucite box lined in velvet, both designed by us. It’s available online, at the merchandise table of YACHT concerts, and select boutiques nationwide.

Thanks to Refinery 29 for premiering this news!