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Photo: Custom MIMS shirt hack by Jac Delorey.

I’ve had 10 days off here in Portland and it’s hardly felt like the summer. It’s been so nice, not to imply that I think the summer isn’t nice, it’s just been pretty rainy here and I’ve been indoors making this new goddamned website instead of riding around outside like I should be.

NEW STUFF! There are new things on this website now!

If you are using Internet Explorer, why? It ruins everything. Download Firefox or even better, Safari for Windows. You’ll see why.

Streaming player:
There’s a little grey strip up top, underneath the big YACHT text and the rainbow. That’s a streaming music player filled with some new and old YACHT tracks.

Baby Blog
See that blue bubble on the right? I can update that via text messages from my phone, so it’ll be updated at least daily with the most up to date and trivial information. I mostly want to use this for a where is Jona RIGHT NOW? feature. This works with Twitter.

The little guy on the left displays my most recent uploaded photo on Flickr.

I’ll always have the newest souvenir in the little salmon colored bubble to the right! Right now it’s the new YACHT album, which you can buy on CD or on iTunes.

I’m sick of entering in YACHT shows on MySpace, Virb, and wherever else. I want to just do it in one place and have those sites sync to that one place. Like iCal, or Google Calendars. Something. Until then, I’m just going to link to my shows on Virb. That’s the little seafoam bubble on the left.

Is there anything else you guys want? Let me know if something is broken! I could have very well missed something. Thanks to Panic for making Coda!