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Jon Galkin at DFA previews “Utopia” on the office turntable as part of their White Out Sessions.

Today, our new single, “Utopia” is released out into the world. A companion piece to “Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire),” “Utopia” emphasizes a core idea of the YACHT philosophy, which is that any personal success is designed first in the mind.

While dystopia may be the natural consequence of singularly-imposed ideology on a place (see: Jonestown, Waco, countless dissolved 19th century Utopian communities), a Utopia can never fail if it’s never designed to last. As the anarchist theorist Hakim Bey once wrote to us, when we asked his ideas on Utopia:

Eutopia is not impossible — in fact everything you once imagined is true. But at a cost. One way to lower that cost is to face the fact that utopia will be temporary, and to plan for that. Two years is a very long run. And one night of realization is better than 100 years of dull servitude to the technopathocracy.

We couldn’t emphasize this more: everything you once imagined is true, but impermanent. Our song, “Utopia,” presents the future as a blank slate that can be molded to temporary Utopian experiences with a simple act of will. No matter how clear our plans for the future, how concretely we design our social communities around the ideologies that drive us, there’s nothing there but blank potential at best, and a horrific void at worst. The future, and hence any aspiration to future paradise that we can define, is an oppressive absence of place, and by definition a failure, because all we have to count on is the present moment.

Our attitude is to celebrate that absence, molding it to our wills and allowing the sense of freedom to intoxicate our approach to life, rather than lament the lack of control we have on reality.

The moment is ours to live!

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We looked into the future
In a visionary state,
A psychoactive state.
There’s nothing in the future,
It’s up to us to make…

Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!
Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!

We all know when we wake up
That this is what all we get,
This is what we get.
Think fondly about life,
But still think strongly about death.

Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!
Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!

A higher source is calling
And you don’t have to commit,
You don’t have to submit!
The future works upon us
As we all work upon it.

Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!
Utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia, utopia!

Recommended Reading: Hakim Bey’s T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism.