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Photo: Pash at PICA‘s TBA festival.

My mind is racing trying to remember the contractual obligations like rent, natural gas, and electricity bills I need to consider. I’ve mutated into a person that can essentially be ready to leave on tour for months at time at the drop of a hat. This is exactly what I am doing today, right now, on the internet trying to secure an apartment-sitter for Whiskers and a water-boy for the plants. I think I can do this. I need to make sure I take care of the things that can’t be taken care of without my direct interaction…writing checks, etc. Okay. I can do it.

Recently, every single day has brought so much with it. It has been almost non-stop positive mayhem and excitement around. My friend Jac and I drove to Los Angeles for Arthurfest on 3 tanks of gas and one gallon of rootbeer. We got to Los Angeles after driving 15 hours straight, only stopping for pee-breaks, snacks and gasoline. I fell in love with Los Angeles again, guys. It happens every time I visit…I love Rob so much. I only saw Ritchey for a minute, but that minute alone was enough to make me want to move and be around her sharper-than-the-sharpest-LOTR-dark-knight-sword wit. I love going to the beach, I love Candice and James, Brendan, and just Los Angeles in general. But it’s too much. I can’t afford paying the rent without working a job (I can’t work a job) and I can’t leave Portland and it’s seemingly endless abundance of friendship and love. Not yet.

I was super bummed to have to leave town before (make sure you check out his amazing website) Kyle got back. I haven’t seen my nice friend in so long. I have a dream to start up a band with Kyle, Rob and Katy. I think we could write amazing prog-pop songs (or something) and make really radical shows. I’m talking a euro-festival-caliber band.

Back to listing off what happened in the month I was home in Portland. Well, one of my favorite bands of all time, Best Friends Forever, of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Milwaukee, Wisconsin came to town and swept up the hearts of many. Talk about a show! These guys put on a serious show. If you ever have the chance to see them in person or buy their recordings, do it. They have a song about tour magic; a very real thing that happens to you while touring in a band or just traveling quickly with only a day or two with amazing people doing amazing things in their amazing cities. Well BFF, you certainly brought your magic to Portland and I am truly enchanted. That last sentence sounded so much like Inside The Actor’s Studio. Hot shit!

Then the PICA TBA festival hit town and I ended up playing a last-minute collaborative jam set with E*Rock and going to “The Works” almost every night to see stuff like Tracy + The Plastics, The Ladies of the Lake (an entire night of Olympia/Portland ladies like Amber Bell, Khaela Maricich, Susan Ploetz, Jenn Kliese, Mirah, Dana Dart-McLean and more). My favorite part of TBA was the really wonderful and truly spiritual White Rainbow Vibrational Healing Center. Adam continues to transcend my expectations and take my higher and higher. Make sure you buy the new album he made with Honey Owens called WORLD.

Now I’m in Paris with Devendra and a new lineup of Hairy Fairies. We’ve played on television and it’s been crazy so far. Tomorrow I will clue you in.