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YACHT with little Olive in sunny Marfa, Texas.

Friends across the Spaceship Earth, we do not forsake you this Holiday season. Today we bring you a little gift, care of YACHT, Fred Schneider, and The Superions.

Fred Schneider is best known for being the sprechgesang-spewing super-frontman of the great, inimitable B-52s, one of our all-time favorite bands. Where would we be without their records? Party Mix!/Mesopotamia, Wild Planet, Cosmic Thing?! Quite literally this band paved our way to making weird dance music. No really, they got a cement truck and everything.

Fred has a side project with two fellows, Noah Brodie and Dan Marshall, called The Superions. In October, they released “Destination…Christmas!” a truly important seasonal album. Fred says the tracks “cover all the Christmas themes: yetis, avalanches, fruitcake,” and it just debuted at #13 on Billboard’s Comedy Albums chart.

Our friend and Airport Ambassador Steve Schroeder played us “Fruitcake,” the single from “Destination…Christmas!”, while giving us a ride to the airport on our way back to Marfa; we fell in love and raced to get in touch with The Superions to remix “Fruitcake” before Christmas, as a gift to you — dear reader.

It came together immediately, and with the gracious and everlasting support of Gory Smelley and the Marfa Recording Company, we popped into the studio yesterday to lay down some drums, keyboards, guitar, and a new chorus. And now…we are honored and thrilled to present to you Fruitcake, the YACHT remix, in all its green-and-red-cherried glory.

(7.5 MB – 320 kbps MP3)

While you’re at it, check out the videos for “Totally Nude Island” and “Those Sexy Saucer Gals.”

Happy Holidays!