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Freedom Music

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I download music. I download a lot of music. I don’t purchase music often, so I completely and totally understand when kids come up to me at shows and look me straight in the eye and tell me they’re not going to buy my record tonight because they’ve already, or are going to go home and, download it. There just isn’t any reason to show animosity towards this new-ish way of communicating; to me, this feels like a natural way of weeding out assholes and the people that aren’t smart enough to make interesting work.

I want to give back. Here are three ZIP files of instrumentals. Download them, use them for karaoke, perform as YACHT or The Blow, chop them up and make your own remixes, make your own new songs, put them on indietorrents, upload them on alt.binaries.mp3.cooldudes, do what you will. These are 256 kbps DRM-free MP3s properly tagged with album art. Have at it!

First I’d like to give you all of the instrumental versions of the songs I’ve recorded and been playing on tour in 2007. This includes all of the songs from I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real., a bonus track that was included on the European release of the album, and the song I made for the David Shrigley book and music compilation, Worried Noodles.

YACHT: 2007 Instrumentals
(85 MB ZIP – 256 kbps MP3s)

1. So Post All ‘Em
2. See A Penny (Pick It Up)
3. We’re Always Waiting
4. Platinum
5. It’s All The Same Price
6. The Magic Beat
7. Drawing In The Dark
8. It’s Coming To Get You
9. If Music Could Cure All That Ails You
10. I Believe In You
11. Your Magic Is Real
12. Women Of The World
13. Don’t Stay In Bed (Bonus Track)
14. I Saw You (From Worried Noodles)

I totally forgot about The Summer Song, so here it is, as a lonely 7.2 MB MP3.

Next I’d like to give you all of the instrumental versions of Paper Television, and a b-side track called “Get Around” we made at the same time and released on a Yeti Magazine compilation and on a 7″ single for Parentheses on Tomlab.

The Blow: Paper Television Instrumentals
(56 MB ZIP – 256 kbps MP3s)

1. Pile Of Gold
2. Parentheses
3. The Big U
4. The Long List Of Girls
5. Bonjour Juene Fille
6. Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel It’s Wrath)
7. Eat Your Heart Up
8. Pardon Me
9. Fists Up
10. True Affection
11. Get Around (B-Side)

The last thing I want to give you, for now, is my side of a split 12″ I made with my friend Luke (Lucky Dragons) in 2005, but didn’t come out until this year. Buy the 12″ here from Marriage or here from States Rights. Randy of the band No Age listed it on a best of 2007 Pitchfork thing.

YACHT: We Float Around, Hang Out On Clouds
(23 MB ZIP – 256 kbps MP3s)

1. I Can’t Complain
2. Like Most Babies
3. No Apologies
4. (New Wave) Polly
5. Healthy Student
6. Until It’s Fucking Gone

If you’re a company and you want to use these songs for commercial purposes, that is a whole other story. Contact Jeff Pachman at Domino Publishing if you would like to do so.