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Why? Because your screen is a digital environment you live within, a reality we all increasingly confuse with the brick and mortar world, a place where the metaphors of centuries of human culture (“scroll,” “desktop”) melt together with new visual standards and self-navigating identities. If you have a YACHT poster in your bedroom, why not a piece of YACHT in your real private sanctum — your computer?

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Each icon is a little character designed to live on your desktop environment; some are based on our favorite thinkers, others are supernatural, animal, or cartoon in nature. If you’re not sure how to install new icons, the good people at The Iconfactory have an easy How-To right here. Happy customizing!

Robert Anton Wilson: A self-taught mystic, novelist, philosopher, and esoteric scholar, Robert Anton Wilson‘s jocular, psychedelic fuck-all take on reality is the primordial stew from which many of YACHT’s ideas have emerged. Wilson believed that the “map is not the territory,” that is to say, that our models of understanding the world are not to be confused with objective reality, and that reality is not a noun, but a verb — a mutable truth. Recommended reading: Prometheus Rising, Cosmic Trigger.

Amanda Lear: Muse to Salvador Dali, model, disco diva, modern-day Marlene Dietrich. Her biography is a recommended, surreal read. We love Amanda Lear’s late 70s albums, I Am A Photograph and Never Trust a Pretty Face. The song “Alphabet” is a particular stunner, a husky-voiced ballad about one beautiful woman’s singular ego.

Bob: J.R. “Bob” Dobbs is the figurehead of the Church of the SubGenius, an anarchist religion that treads an invisible line between satire, spirituality, and pop-culture. The Church of the SubGenius describes itself as “an order of Scoffers and Blasphemers, dedicated to Total Slack, delving into Mockery Science, Sadofuturistics, Megaphysics, Scatalography, Schizophreniatrics, Morealism, Sarcastrophy, Cynisacreligion, Apocolyptionomy, ESPectorationalism, Hypno-Pediatrics, Subliminalism, Satyriology, Disto-Utopianity, Sardonicology, Fascetiouism, Ridiculophagy, and Miscellatheistic Theology.”

R-L: Brooks Brother From Another Mother, DJ Doggpound, Doug Benson, & Dexter Poindexter

Space Brother: The image of the “grey” alien with almond-shaped eyes has been part of popular culture since the early 1960s, when Betty and Barney Hill became the first people to widely publicize the claim that they were abducted by aliens. Under hypnosis, Barney Hill repeatedly exclaimed “Oh, those eyes. They’re there in my brain!”

Flower Sniffin’, Kitty Pettin’, Baby Kissin’: This is our grunge smiley, named after a classic Nirvana t-shirt emblazoned with the words, “Flower sniffin’, Kitty Pettin’, Baby Kissin’ Corporate Rock Whore.” They knew how to send up the major label environment while still reaching millions of people. A complete and honest truth: YACHT would not exist without Nirvana.

R-L: Fizbo, Doctor iPatch, Wiki, & Marcel

Private Pilot Abilene: Pilot Abilene is an important character in Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales, a long and difficult dark comedy musical about a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles struggling with terrorism, an energy crisis, and a perverse celebrity culture. Southland Tales is a journey we recommend you take. It might take more than one viewing to stick, but, despite its commercial and critical failure, we believe it will be remembered as one of the most prescient films of the decade.

Wayne’s World: It’s all of Lil’ Wayne’s face tattoos, lovingly recreated and delicately placed on a triangular yellow smiley face! As an artist, it takes a certain courage to get the words “I AM MUSIC” tattooed on your face, and we respect Wayne’s singularity of purpose, as well as his tireless work ethic. Recommended viewing: The Carter documentary.

R-L: Mr. Mustache, Par Avion, Party Baby, & Tom Cruise

Timothy Leary: Psychologist and counterculture pioneer, Timothy Leary formulated the Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness, a totally useful way to approach reality if you’re capable of forcing your superego to step down. Leary also advocated the use of LSD to transform consciousness; though in no way do we endorse this position, we empathize with the notion of the human mind as a neurological test chamber which we should all be allowed total freedom to tinker in.

“Roba” is a character from the incredible television series The Problem Solverz, created by Ben Jones for the Cartoon Network. Jones is a founding member of the digital punk collective Paper Rad, of whom we are longtime, committed fans. Their particular blend of pop-spirituality, art, and music — as well as their fiercely original and singular aesthetic — is an inspiration to us in everything that we do.

UPDATE: As a token of our deep love and support of Japan, we present eight new Smiangle icons in honor of Japanese pop culture.

YACHT ♥s Japan

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