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YACHT’s Disco Worship: Music for Meditative Dancing was originally released on the fantastic Portland, OR, based tape-label Gnar Tapes and Shit. On the occasion of the tape’s sold-out edition, we’d like to offer you this hour-long mix for free, now, online. It’s a concise unit of rapturous, ego-eclipsing dance music framed loosely around the idea of the spirit, ranging from rambling Bollywood numbers praising mighty Krishna to the hippie-creed of Father Yod and Eden Abhez, all backed with a disco beat. It is the product of months of research on “spiritual” music, and was more than a little inspired by Dan Graham‘s amazing film Rock My Religion, which equates the music-induced spiritual fervor of the Shakers and the fire and brimstone of Puritan dogma with early rock n’ roll idolatry, Patti Smith, and punk rock. You can watch Rock my Religion for free, here on Ubu Web, always an excellent resource.

We’re fascinated with the common ground of underground spirituality and underground music. After all, both are motivated by the desire to create something more real, special, and rare than what is being presented by the mainstream cultural machine.


Still from Dan Graham’s “Rock My Religion.”

The mainstream is quick to use words like “cult” to marginalize offshoot religious groups, in the same way that it once used the word “punk” to marginalize a certain music subculture. And yet there is something richly American and powerfully human about people who strike off to create their own religious or cultural identities — everywhere from starting hippie communes and having religious visions to starting a band — and we really respect that tradition. After all, the music concert is a series of rituals just as the religious service is; we come together in the dark club, following a sequence of understood rules (hand-stamp, coat check, merch table, posture), and we hope to experience transcendence, to have synergistic and communal experience worth remembering.

When it goes well, our fervor can be metaphysical. Let us, like the Shakers, dance ecstatically.

Download YACHT Disco Worship: Music for Meditative Dancing
(41.6 MB – 160 kbps MP3s)

Disco Worship: Music for Meditative Dancing track list:

HU — Eckankar Church
Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja Too — Bappi Lahiri
Jesus — Cliff Richard
Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (Rock To The Drummer’s Beat) — Disco Spectacular
Jesus is Just Alright (Techno Mix) — DC Talk
Up Jumped the Devil — John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
Hare Krishna Mantra — Radha Krsna Temple
I Chase The Devil — Max Romeo
Bohannon’s Beat — Bohannon
Scriptures — Eden Abhez
Wishbone — Tantra
Cathedrals — D.C. LaRue
Live At Beverly Hills 1973 — Ya Ho Wa 13
Spirits In It — Patti LaBelle