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UPDATE: If you got a camping ticket at CTB2, check out the comments for the plan of action.

When we left Portland around 8:30 am the forecast for Astoria was mostly cloudy and something like 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Portland generally gives us “better” weather than Astoria, so when we left an overcast and chilly Stumptown I was fearing we would get to Astoria only to find a crappy day waiting for us. I had envisioned Catch That Beat being a sunny and summery festival with some of the performances outside in the sun and all kinds of sun-tanned and oily MTV beach-house kids running around, high-fiving and passing out roofies while chugging the most Mountainous of Dews. Well, the universe must have shared my vision because it totally turned out like that, minus the MTV stuff. We got to the Astoria Yacht Club right at 10 am when the sky was still a little cloudy and the air was crisp and cool. The sun came out around 11 and vaporized the clouds leaving only a picturesque blue sky. Astoria almost instantly became the prettiest little town in the world. See what I mean?

Before I go into how just flat-out radical the entire day ended up turning out, I want to thank the pivotal people that made it so radical. Rich Jensen for his help getting all of the logistical details sorted out and his dedicated physical labor. My Dad, Super Warren, and my brother Justin for going super-far out of their ways to make food and and help out at the drop of a hat that was dropped last-minute. Steve Schroeder for taking on the persona of “Dr. Schedge” (short for Doctor Schedule), whom made sure the day went smoothly and on time. Daniel Peterson for taking the longest shift at the door, collecting money and drawing/inventing the makeshift falcon stamp on everyone’s hands. Lastly, I’ll be using some photos that I didn’t take, so thanks to Sarah, Mike, John, Ski, Steve, Josh and anyone else posting in the CTB2 Flickr group. Make sure you check out Shayla’s photos at Dokuchan too.

The Winning Lasses opened up the show with some of the softest and sweetest music I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing with my human’s ears. Calvin played some songs I don’t think I’d heard before. Genevi√©ve and I stretched an extension cord out the window and she played a Woelv set in the sweet sunshine. Then the crowd disappeared. Just like that…poof! I walked around to the back of the building to find a crowd huddled near a shed and Pash leading them in a polyrhythmic vocal jam. I could tell that the people driving by were really confused by this sight. It looked pretty weird. Then Mount Eerie played a full animated and comedic set of “electronica” music, that I later found out is actually being released. Dude dropped so many “MT. EERIE 2003!!!” shout-outs while dancing like how I imagine a zombie on cocaine would move. It was very fun to watch this happen! The Watery Graves brought the thunders (you should buy their new beautiful package) with letter-writing materials as always, and always loved. Next Zac and Rebecca played a beautifully sparse and charismatic Parenthetical Girls set that ended with Rebecca singing a heart-shattering version of “Alright.” That was soooooooo good. Thanksgiving started off with PW on drums; playing some of my favorite songs off of the new record Cave Days & Moments. Phil sat down and Adrian played a couple songs with laptop that I’d never heard and then closed his set with a few songs all by his lonesome. I love this music. How did I get so lucky to have all of these people play together in one day? Spider and the Webs were the first band to really get people up and dancing. I think everyone was too busy dancing to take pictures! It was super awesome and I totally look forward to seeing them play again. Dennis Driscoll was the last chance we had to watch music in a mellow fashion before the sun set and the true madness and dance-party energy possessed everyone’s bodies…

Catch That Beat 2
(8 MB – VIDEO MP4)

Before this festival I’d only heard about a minute of Joey Casio one night at Dunes at least a year ago. I didn’t get a chance to know what he was about, I just assumed he was light and dancey because of his name. I know now that he has a much darker and physical energy than I had expected! JC & The Killers had a special video performance for us since half of the band is in New Hampshire. I think there needs to be a lot more of things like this in the world. To simplify it it was a huge projected movie of a two girls in huge basketball jersey-dresses commanding a dance party in a small basement somewhere in America. I want to see this video playing in galleries, stores and homes…dancing along…the world would be better for it!

Panther played a classically awesome and explosive set mostly in the dark with a few photo-flashes here and there. My favorite part of his show was when he played drums along to the instrumental cowbell jam. Watch his new video if you haven’t already. DAMN!

E*Rock just killed it with his all-dance jam set and animations/cartoons/movies for every song. His sets are getting better and better and better and crazier. My first Hooliganship experience was truly radical. Their new instructional dance cartoons were awesome and the fact that they stuck to the dances made it even cuter. Those boys look good in those tiny shorts, I tell you what.

EXTREME ANIMALS. What the EFF? Holy Sh…guys. I didn’t think it could get much deeper…we were all covered in sweat from mega sing-along Blow set and I didn’t know if people would be up for one more band…but holy…Welcome to my new favorite band.

Extreme Animals owned and still own me.

Then it all ended with the smashing of a pinata. That photo really blows my mind. Thank you everyone for the best festival experience of my life. I’m already planning next year.

Oh, yeah…the camping incident. After Adrian told me he slept on the beach the night before the show I remembered that Sunset Beach was open for public camping and assured everyone it would be the perfect place to camp, and legally at that. That wasn’t exactly the case when we were woken up by an Oregon State Police officer whom proceeded to issue 30, or so, of us $94 tickets. If you were one of these people email me and I’ll tell you the plan of action. If you sympathize with us ticketed beach-goers, please feel free to offer advice in this situation. My plan is to talk to the judge and ask if we can organize a huge group beach-cleaning in trade for the dismissal of the tickets. I feel so rotten about what happened!