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The call came pretty much out of nowhere: A Day In the Life, a new show on Hulu produced by Morgan Spurlock, wanted to follow us around for 24 hours. Like, soon. Like, next week.

We were blown away. Past A Day In The Life participants included Richard Branson, Marc Maron, and Joel McHale. We said an emphatic yes, and at 5 AM a few days later, a camera crew arrived at our door in Los Angeles, California. From before dawn to late into that night, they tailed us like seasoned professionals, handing out release forms to everyone we talked to and rigging our favorite brunch place with studio lights. They got on a plane with us in Burbank and followed us to our hometown of Portland, Oregon, to film our homecoming show at Mississippi Studios, stopping at a laser tag arena somewhere in between. It was pointedly surreal, hilariously awkward, and a huge honor.

We tried our best to convey a sense of what it’s like to be a band on our level: empowered by the online, able to live out our dreams to an ever-evolving extent, trying to connect to people, trying to make sense, driving rental cars, shilling merch, loading out our gear in the rain, exhausted, happy. In a sense, we wanted it to be less about us and more about the life of a working band in this digitally-interconnected, commercially complex time. We certainly have our privileges, especially the unprecedented access we have to both people and tools, but with power comes responsibility, so we never stop working.

Anyway, the episode is live on Hulu now; we watched it huddled around a laptop running IP-blocking software in a German hotel lobby on our European tour, but luckily you can watch it from the comfort of your own home. Filming A Day In The Life was a powerful experience for us, and we hope we managed to communicate our ideas in such a new (and brief) medium.

The Laser Tag scene, which was actually insane to film–there were two full camera crews in the building, filming each other, as well as dozens of teenagers playing with black-lit toy guns–is now online in the form of a beautifully-edited, completely psychedelic live video courtesy of Into The Woods. It premiered on NPR just the other day. For your complete meta viewing pleasure, you can watch it right here!

It takes a severe revision of lifestyle, of needs, to be able to create your own reality. There are days you get up at dawn and hustle for 24 hours. That’s the way it is, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. We feel extremely lucky to be able to pursue YACHT, and it’s important for us to say that although we do it ourselves, we don’t do it alone. Huge thanks to Matthew Galkin, Shannon Gibson, Jon Galkin, Mike Merrill, Alin Dragulin, the folks at Eleven Magazine PDX, Into the Woods, Bob Ham, and everyone who came to the show. & Yes, as Hulu commenters have so willingly pointed out, Claire says “post-apocalyptic” three times in the course of the episode. But have you read the news recently?